If you ever get a set of Alloys powdercoated or buy some brand new ones you`ll need to clean the bolt holes of any coating. As the wheels are used on track they heat up and if there is any powdercoating between the wheel and the bolt that softens and the wheel comes loose !

It`s a simple job to clean them up but it is vital you do it on track wheels to ensure they stay tight.

I bought some Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2`s


The bolt holes were powdercoated

To clean them and maintain the original seating angle I use an old bolt that I`ve cut some slots into with an angle grinder


Simply place this in the bolt hole and apply light pressure as you turn on the impact gun for a few seconds.


All the coating is removed exposing the aluminium underneath. Now when I tighten the bolts they`ll stay tight.

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