What is the Pinderwagen ?

Back in April 2007 I bought this MK2 Golf CL shell to replace the previous one I`d crashed at the Nurburgring.



I`ve spent the last 11 years continually modifying the Golf from a pretty standard MK2 with a 2.0 16V engine from the MK3 Golf GTi, adding Megasquirt and GSXR 750 Throttle bodies and then the Turbo back in 2014.

I`ve spent a lot of time learning as I went. The Aero development has been going on for several years now and pretty much every passenger who sits in it comments how stable it is at high speed.

The name `Pinderwagen` actually came from Dale Lomas who runs www.bridgetogantry.com .It was a throwaway comment he made when following me in 2014 and the name stuck.

Before then it was just `The Golf` or `Nige`s Golf` but the step increase in performance from adding the Turbo took it to a new level and the #Pinderwagen was born.

I`m not a mechanic I`m just an enthusiastic amateur who likes to learn new skills and will have a go at anything. Some things have worked out, others haven`t but that`s the case in pretty much everything and my view is that the important thing is that I learn from my mistakes. By doing everything myself I`ve been able to try things I wouldn`t if I had to pay someone to do it and I`ve been able to keep the overall build cost to sensible levels.


Overall I`m a pretty positive person and when things go wrong I just try and make the best of it. There is no point getting upset about things beyond your control so I try not to bother. Sometimes that is easier than others…


Current Spec. May 2018.


  • 1990 Golf MK2 Non Sunroof CL 3-Door Shell
  • Comprehensive Custom multipoint welded roll cage tied to front and rear turrets
  • Engine bay Chassis strengthening
  • Cobra Sebring Side Mounted Bucket Seats
  • Schroth Profi II 6 Point 3″ Harnesses
  • Flocked MK2 dash with Custom gauge and switch panels
  • Standard Rear Beam, no additional ARB
  • 25mm Stub Axle Spacers
  • Polo Stub Axle for improved wheel bearing life
  • Polo Rear Discs
  • EBC YellowStuff Rear Pads on Stock MK2 Calipers
  • Standard stitch welded MK2 Subframe
  • Subframe lower brace.
  • MK3 Power Steering Rack
  • Peugeot Electro Hydraulic Power steering pump
  • Custom wider track Wishbones with increased Caster
  • Hi-Spec RX15 6 Pot Calipers
  • Hi-Spec Custom Caliper Carriers and Bells
  • Floating 290mm x 28mm Discs
  • Project Mu SAS964 or Performance Friction PF08 Front Pads
  • Spherical steering Tie Rod Ends
  • Standard MK2 Front Hubs
  • NIC Engineering Roll Centre Correction Balljoint Extenders
  • ACS Pro Series 90mm Bullet Nose Wheel Studs
  • 15″ Speedline 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels
  • 15″ Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Alloy Wheels
  • 195/50 R15 Pirelli Full Wet tyres
  • 195/50 R15 Toyo R1R Damp condition tyres
  • 205/50 R15 Dunlop Direzza DZ03G H1 Dry Tyres
  • 205/50 R15 Toyo RS1 Slicks Medium Compound
  • 195/50 R15 Pirelli Slicks Medium Compound
  • KW Clubsport Coilovers Front and Rear
  • Eibach Pro Race Front and Rear springs.
  • Spherical Top Mounts
  • Polybushed throughout
  • Stock MK2 Front ARB


  • 2.0 16V ABF Block
  • Stock Cylinder head and camshafts
  • Stock Crankshaft
  • Stock ABF Pistons
  • Stock Headbolts
  • Compression Ratio reduced with 2 x MLS Head Gaskets.
  • Integrated Engineering Rifle Drilled conrods with Genuine ARP Bolts.
  • Custom Baffled sump with windage tray
  • Custom KR & 1.8T Inlet manifold with ABF Throttle body.
  • 19 Row Oil cooler with Thermostatic Sandwich Plate
  • Toyota Celica GT4 Aluminium Radiator 698x325x56mm
  • Mitsubishi EVO 4 Intercooler.
  • Comprehensive cooling ducting
  • Megasquirt 2 ECU Controlling Fuel, Spark and Boost
  • Siemens Dekka 630cc Injectors
  • Custom Fuse and Relay board with independent ECU Loom.
  • TD04 Turbo from Volvo V70
  • Megasquirt controlled boost to provide N/A Characteristics rising to 1.2 Bar Peak
  • Custom Tubular Manifold
  • Custom 3″ Stainless Exhaust with 2 large Silencers


  • 02J 3.6FD 5 Speed Manual Gearbox
  • EPYTEC 4Kg Flywheel
  • Helix Paddle
  • LUK VR6 Pressure plate Clutch
  • Custom Raised MK4 Shift Tower
  • Spherical Rod ends on Shifter cables
  • 0.795 5th Gear for higher VMax
  • KAAZ Plate Diff
  • MK3 VR6 Driveshafts
  • MK3 Outer CV Joints with Redline CV2 Grease
  • MK2 Inner CV Joints with Redline CV2 Grease
  • SKF Front Wheel Bearings repacked with Redline CV2 Grease


  • Trackslag Fibreglass bonnet with Custom reverse vent for improved cooling.
  • Custom Front Splitter with integrated Brake Duct Air Scoops
  • Custom Aluminium Flat Floor
  • Custom Aluminium Side Skirts
  • Custom Fibreglass Roof Scoop
  • Custom Fibreglass Diffuser
  • Custom Fibreglass Widened and vented front wings
  • Aluminium Rear Wing

The entire build was carried out by me, in many cases learning as I went and making mistakes along the journey. All the Custom parts were designed and fabricated by myself often using examples taken from elsewhere as a starting point.


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